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  On average, a 7 day vacation takes a minimum of 20 hours to plan - more if you are going to a destination you are        not familiar with.  In addition to your time, the pandemic is changing the rules of travel daily. Why take the time and      risk, when an experienced travel advisor can do it all for you?

Tell us where you want to go, approve your customized itinerary, pack and go!

That's all you have to do when you leave all the details to us. 

About us

Since 2012 we have been creating and leading group trips of a lifetime. In 2019 we started our affiliation with Montecito Village Travel and Virtuoso to allow us to craft vacations for individuals, families and groups.  LEARN MORE

Past Trips

We've been to many places in the world. Below are samples of our favorite destinations. 


Our Membership Club offers benefits including first look at group trips before they are posted, $50 discount on trips and more. Only $45 per year.  JOIN US now.


 We belong to companies that only offer the best in 5 star travel.

Contact Us:  602-677-1953

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