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This agreement covers terms of the membership agreement between Boomer Women Travel LLC and the member.   Member agrees to all of the following;

  • To pay Boomer Women Travel the posted amount for the VIP Membership Club as a membership payment.
  • To decide to withdraw as a VIP member of Boomer Women Travel at any time.
  • Membership payment is non-refundable but can be transferred to another woman over 50.
  • Makes this payment with no expectation that she will receive any return benefit other than acknowledgement as a Boomer Women Travel VIP member and the discounts listed as a VIP member.
  • To address any complaint, dissatisfaction or dispute in any fashion ONLY with Sue Barenholtz of Boomer Women Travel.  The complaint or dispute is not to be discussed or publically addressed in any way.  Member can either call Sue @ 602-677-1953 or send email directly to 
  • If member negatively impacts Boomer Women Travel in any way, member may be subject to removal of VIP membership (without refund) or legal action.
  • Understands Boomer Women Travel offers no guarantees of revenue generated by a membership.
  • Understands that any information given to Boomer Women Travel for the member or business directory gives Boomer Women Travel the right to display the information on the website, promotional materials and/or events.
  • You will not create a mailing list from the member directory or from any other source to use for your own purposes.
  • Boomer Women Travel is protected by copyright and trademark laws preventing anyone from using our concept, forms, ideas, etc.
  • Member may decide to withdraw the display of acknowledgements and or information on the Boomer Women Travel website, events or on any promotional materials produced at any time.  
  • By signing this agreement you acknowledge VIP membership with Boomer Women Travel.
  • Boomer Women Travel reserves the right to discontinue membership. 
  • I understand that trips and activities sponsored by Boomer Women Travel, LLC (BWT) may involve risk. At all times, I have the choice of participating or not participating in any given trip or activity. Of those trips or activities in which I choose to participate, I agree to accept full responsibility for the decision to participate in any BWT activity, including the assumption of risk of bodily injury and/or property damage to me. I agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Boomer Women Travel, LLC, Sue Barenholtz, its owners, officers, directors, agents and employees from and against any and all claims arising from or that could arise from participation by myself and my guest(s). I agree to sign, and cause any guests to sign, additional waiver or hold harmless agreements as a precondition to participating in any activities if requested by BWT.
  • I acknowledge that membership applicants are evaluated solely upon the basis of their self-disclosures and representations, and realize that BWT is not responsible for running background checks on its participants.  
B By completing the membership application with  Boomer Women Travel as outlined above I acknowledge that I agree to all the terms.

Contact Us:  602-677-1953

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